HP Designer Services - Commercial

The introduction of HP Designer Services for business clients gives you access to Holland Park’s 50,000 square-feet of exceptional products and services with the added advantage that we come to you. HP Designer Services were created specifically to meet the interior and exterior design needs of today’s businesses.


HP Designer Services are intended for professional businesses, corporate offices, institutions, retail space, and hospitality facilities in Burlington and surrounding area that appreciate the business value of attractive premises. We can help you make a positive impression on both customers and your workforce by creating and maintaining comfortable surroundings that reflect pride in your business and attention to detail.


Our Design Services also support your on-site business functions, company socials and special events. We also offer an array of exceptional products for corporate gifts.


At HP Designer Services, we are committed to long-term relationships with our clients. We strive for perfection and we continue to build on our reputation for new artistic ideas, practical techniques and strong work ethic.

Interior Decorating

It’s often said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” We believe that also holds true for businesses. The way your office looks is a direct reflection of your business and its appearance can gain or lose potential clients.


HP Designer Services can add style and distinction to your interior space with stylish accessories that add the finishing touches and create prestige and warmth to executive offices, boardrooms, waiting rooms and reception areas.


Floral designs and foliage can be as functional as they are decorative, providing air cleansing and noise absorption as well as creating privacy, defining space and adding visual interest.

Floral Event Decorating

Our award winning floral designers are meticulous about details and are passionate in their pursuit of artistic perfection.


We have developed relationships with vendors and flower wholesalers whose standards measure up to our own. Only the freshest and most beautiful floral products will end up in an HP arrangement reflecting your excellent taste and underscoring your demand for the very best.


Our rotational programs for business clients provide a wide assortment of exquisite floral creations and tropical plants on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.


We can create a special environment for any of your meetings, corporate functions and events - everything from conventions to parties. A successful function depends on everything coming together at the right time. Whether it’s a floral display, a room full of decorative foliage or a few plants for an upcoming trade show, you can count on us to handle all the details.

Seasonal / Holidays

We’ve created our Seasonal and Holiday Service to ensure your interior space can communicate the feelings associated with any event or season throughout the year. While we focus primarily on designs and décor related with the winter holidays, we are very diversified and can provide displays celebrating many events including Easter, Canada Day, Summer Fiestas and Thanksgiving.


HP Designer Services create designs from very simple to the most impressive using life-like materials as well as live foliage, plants, and flowers. Every year, we incorporate miles of ribbon and garland in our displays, Poinsettias by the thousands and ornaments from great to glorious.


HP Designer Services Seasonal and Holiday styling provides an added touch and flair, you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us to create a display that’s just right for you and your space.

Interior Landscape

HP Designer Service can landscape business interiors to improve air quality, increase employee productivity and create an attractive business environment. Our experience and knowledge of interior landscape is vital to helping clients add life, beauty and harmony to business environments.


A properly designed indoor environment contains plains, angles and horizons that can be softened, accentuated or transformed with the addition of plants or planters. Similar to exterior landscaping, interior landscaping provides space with colour, sculptural elements, focal points and a positive energy in your environment.


We work with our business client to determine their interior landscape objectives and offer complete “concept through maintenance” services. From entrances, foyer and reception areas to individual offices or retail spaces. HP Designer Services can enhance your business environment with tropical, exotic, blooming and replica plants.


Ask about our stunning custom urn inserts for each season in the front entrance of your building, they will be eye-catching and make a statement about what to expect inside.

Custom Gift Baskets

Today businesses understand the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships with customers, employees and preferred suppliers.


There are many occasions throughout the year for companies to show they care about these relationships through thoughtful gifts, incentives, awards and rewards.


HP Designer Services can help you express how much these relationships matter to your company with gifts, arrangements, and custom gift baskets appropriate for specific occasions.


Let us create truly distinctive and custom gift baskets for all your special occasions. Our attention to detail helps us create custom gifts that will leave a favourable and lasting impression with the people who are important to your business success.

Gift certificates are also available.

Custom Gifts and Baskets for:

  • Client Appreciation
  • Thank you
  • Employee, Birthday, Anniversaries
  • Administrative Assistants Day
  • Welcome
  • Recognition Awards for Sales, Service, and Milestones
  • Incentives – Teasers
  • Christmas and Holidays
  • Speaker and Presentation
  • Special Occasion
  • Bereavement and Get Well
  • Board and Executive
  • Trade Show
  • Golf Tournament Prizes
  • Retirement
  • Corporate Retreats and Special Events
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Convention and In-room Hotel
  • Gift Certificates
  • Holiday Plants
  • Sponsorship Recognition