Pest Control 

& Nematodes

The only problem with spring in relation to gardening is that the flowers aren't the only thing to poke their heads out - rodents, insects, and grubs all wake up as well. Luckily enough, Holland Park has an incredible selection of pest-control methods that can help clean up your lawn and garden. We have a vast variety of organic and non-organic pesticides and deterrants that can help keep everything from the neighbour's annoying cat, to that exasperating aphid infestation, at bay. 


Among our best sellers are nematodes, micororganisms applied to your lawn in the spring and fall that get rid of grubs. You can read more about nematodes and their application here.


Come in and talk to our experts today - we'll pinpoint your problem and find you a solution, so that together we can get your lawn and garden looking great in no time.