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Do you have a question about your garden? How about the care of your houseplants, tropicals, annuals, perennials or nursery plants? Do you want to know if we have a particular item in stock?


Our expert staff is on hand to answer your questions. So go ahead, ask away. We’re here to help and have the expertise to answer quickly and accurately.


You can also check our FAQ’s below to see if an answer is there to help you.



Nursery and Perennials

Q:When should perennials be cut back?

A: Perennials can be cut back in either late fall or early spring. The exception being perennial grasses which should be cut back in the spring.

Q: Which perennials bloom the longest?

A: Most perennials do not bloom from spring to fall. To promote longer blooming, deadhead (remove spent blooms) and fertilize with Flower Gro. Some longer blooming perennials include reblooming Daylilies, perennial Geraniums, Echinaceae, and Sedum.


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Q: How do I keep annuals looking great all season?

A: Regular fertilizer is highly recommended as well as a mid-season trim to prevent plants from looking leggy later on in the season.

Q: Is deadheading necessary?

A: Breeders are working on creating better low maintenance plants. However, removing expired flowers will promote better growth and speeds up the renewal process.


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House Plants

Q: Which plants will help with purifying the air?

A: Dracaena, Philodendrons, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Boston Fern, English Ivy and more!


Q: When will my plant need to be repotted?

A: You can repot when the plant becomes pot bound, which means the roots have run out of space to grow, have become tangled and may start growing out the drainage holes of the pot.


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Fertilizers and Pest Control

Q: How can I get rid of weeds in my lawn?

A: Getting rid of weeds can be done either by manual weeding of the lawn, or you can apply Weed-B-Gone. Multiple applications may be needed.


Q: Where can I find outdoor soils?

A: Outdoor soil, as well as mulches and aggregates, can be found in our pickup area. They can be paid for at cash and one of our friendly staff members will load it into your car when you drive up to the pickup area.


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Q: What are the proper steps to take care of fresh cut flowers?

A:   - Use a clean container

      - Mix 1 cut flower food package with 2 cups of water

      - Remove foliage that will be below the water line in the vase

      - Recut stems with a clean, sharp knife or pruning shears

      - Place directly into the water solution

      - Display in a cool location, away from direct sunlight

      - Add water with fresh flower food daily


Q: How often does Holland Park Garden Gallery receive fresh cut flowers?

A: Flowers arrive 3 times per week so they are always fresh!


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Q: Can you order custom patio cushions for me?

A: Yes we can! We recommend Sunbrella fabrics for their fabulous colour selection, amazing durability against the elements, and ease of cleaning.  As well as carrying a large selection of in stock Sunbrella lounge and seat cushions, we can also arrange for custom cushions to be made to your specifications.


Q: Do you carry winter covers for outdoor furniture?

A: Yes we do! We carry a full line of Treasure Garden covers, in a variety of sizes for outdoor sofa sets, tables and chairs, umbrellas and more!


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Q: Can this artwork go outside?

A: We have both indoor and outdoor prints. Any that can go outside will be tagged to say so.


Q: Will my silk flowers fade outside in the sun?

A: We carry outdoor UV protected silks and greens that are recommended for outdoor use.


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