Winters at Holland Park



While most garden centres close during the winter months, Holland Park stays open to serve you better! We have everything you need to brighten and warm those cold winter months such as firewood, potted spring bulbs and other flowering plants, cozy blankets and sweet-scented candles, as well as stylish and sensible hats, gloves, scarves and sweaters! Below is a small sample of what you can see when you come in out of the cold. 


Tropicals and Flowering Plants

A home can feel dull and stuffy while being closed up for the winter months. Add some freshness with live plants! Whether you choose long-lasting tropicals or a short-lived Daffodil in bloom, you're new addtion will make you smile. 



Tropical plants are a great way to purify the air while adding freshness. We always have a great selection of Air Plants, Palms, Ferns, Snake Plants, Ivy, Peace Lilies, Dracaenas as well as Cactus and Succulents. Also check out our amazing Orchids! Each one is unique and gorgeous. They're perfect as a gift or for yourself! Click here to see a list of air purifying plants and how to build a terraium.



An early indicator that Spring is on its way is when we receive potted bulbs! Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinth, Muscari, Crocus and Mini Iris look great in our greenhouse but they look even better in your home. Enjoy watching them grow and flash their bright, cheery blooms while providing a sweet fragrance. 



Bird Supplies

We have one of the best selections of bird seeds, feeders and accessories in the area! Whether you're looking to feed a specific bird species or just want to attract all who are near, our bird experts are here to help! 






We always have bulk and bagged seeds in large and small quantities. Choose to participate in our pail program and you will receive a discounted price on the Mixed and Black Oil Sunflower seeds.

Just like us, birds like options too! Try providing different flavours of suet and see which birds you attract. Suet is a great option for minimal mess and waste as there is no loose seed. Simply place the suet cube or ball in a cage or suet tube and let the birds do the picking! 

Attract Blue Jays by putting out a peanut ring! Put shelled peanuts in a special peanut ring and let them pull the peanuts out! 


Need a new feeder? We have one for every bird and for your taste too! Choose a handmade cedar plank house or a seed tube.

Tired of the squirrels stealing all of the birds food? Have a look at our squirrel proof seed! Bird seed that is specially treated with chili flavouring is a delicacy for birds but not for the squirrels! As well, specially made to spin or close the seed openings due to the squirrels' weight, these feeders really do work! 

Click here for more information on the bird supplies we are offering.




Winter Necessities

While living in Canada, somethings become a given. It will get cold. It will snow. Everything will freeze. Combat those chilly and dangerous winter months with firewood, salt and traction products.

Nothing is more comforting in the winter months than the crackle and scent of a wood-burning fire. We always have bagged firewood and kindling along with bulk quantities of firewood. 

You can never be too careful with the ice and snow. Try our specially-formulated salt that goes on purple for ease of use. 






One of our newest successes has been our Boutique! Full of beautiful, well-made and unique sweaters, ponchos, capes, hats, jewelry, scarves and other accessories, you'll want to bring your friends to peruse. Click here for a small sample of what you can see all-year round. 





Home Decor and Giftware

Snuggle into a soft pillow with a cozy blanket and a crackling, fragrant candle. We have a fantastic collection of indoor throw pillows featuring different shapes, sizes, textures and stuffings. Including knit, woven and patterned blankets, you'll be sure to find one to suit your style and your new pillows! Lastly, whether you choose one based on colour or a soothing scent, candles are always a great gift or home decor addition. Our collection is always changing so come in today to see our full selection.





Flower Shop

Our floral shop is open all year to help you select the perfect flowers for your event or special someone. Speak with one of our award-winning florists for advice or have them create a unique masterpiece. Below are some sample arrangements. You can also order online here






Events during the Winter

Beginning in January, we have our Saturday Seminars. Each week's seminar has a different topic from how to grow and prune roses to tropical plant care and how to create floral arrangements. Check out this winter's seminar topics and sign up today by clicking here