Types of Stones 


Gardening stones can be used for many reasons. Use them for drainage at the bottom of a downspout or pot. Stones can also be used for aesthetic purposes such as to border a driveway, to cover soil for a potted cactus or for a walkway. We have a wide selection of sizes, colours and types of stones to suit your every need! 

Bagged Stones

River Stone - 18Kg *Available in Pick Up Area


Often called "potato stones", these stones range from 1.5" - 2.5" in diameter and can vary in colour from a white-grey to a pink-brown. 


Price: $7.99 per bag



Drainage Stone - 18Kg *Available in Pick Up Area

Recommended for drainage in your yard or in pots, these grey stones range from 0.5" - 1" in size but are consistent in colour. 


Price: $4.99 per bag



Pea Gravel - 18Kg *Available in Pick Up Area

These small (3/8th"), multi-toned pebbles are great for a walkway as they are fine and easy to walk on.  


Price: $6.99 per bag



Limestone Screening - 18Kg *Available Pick Up Area

A mixture of crushed limestone and sand, this can be used under patio stones. Simply tamper down the screening and level it before placing the stones. 


Price: $4.99 per bag



Sand - 18Kg *Available in Pick Up Area

Whether you choose to use it as sand in a play box, soil additive for clay soil or under patio stones, our sand is very versatile!


Price: $4.99 per bag


Red Brick Chips - 18Kg *Available in Pick Up Area

This is the traditional crushed red brick with pieces ranging from 0.5" to 1".


Price: $8.99 per bag



White Marble - 18Kg *Available in Pick Up Area


Our glistening white marble stones add a little sparkle to any yard. Use them along an edge to add a little interest. 


Price: $7.99 per bag



How Much Will It Cover?

18kg Stones

9 sq. ft. 1" deep