Flower, texture, colour, growth and application are all factors to be considered when planting perennial vines. They can be trained to climb either horizontally as groundcovers or vertically up walls or fences. Some vines, such as Bittersweet, will grow in shrub form if supports for climbing are not available.




Requirements: Full sun. Keep well watered. Requires pruning. See individual plants for instruction.s 


Size: 2-4 metres 


Zones: 4-9


Bloom-time: June - September


Description: One of the most popular vining flowers, Clematis is a garden staple. 


Varieties: Perle D'Azur, H.F Young, Rubra, Sweet Autumn, Blue Angel, General Sikorski







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Engelman Ivy

Requirements: Requires very little maintenance. Full sun. Prune after blooming.


Size: 15-20 metres H


Zones: Hardy to zone 3. 


Bloom-time: May-August, white flowers. 


Description: A very hardy vine that turns a bright scarlet red in the fall. 


Varieties: N/A

Boston Ivy

Requirements: Full sun.  


Size: 9-13.5 metres H


Zones: Hardy to zone 4. 


Bloom-time: Insignifigant 


Description: Elegant self-climbing vine with rich, glossy-green leaves that turn bright red in the fall. Beautiful on walls or fences where restricted growth is needed. Easy to grow, easily controlled. 


Varieties: N/A







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Size: 1.2-1.5 metres H


Zones: Hardy to zone 4. 


Bloom-time: May - July. Colours vary. 


Description: Hummingbirds love the masses. Flowers are an intriguing mix of rose, pale yellow, and white. 


Varieties: Halls, Scarlett Red, Sweet Tea, Mandarin



Requirements: Full sun. Needs regular watering - at least weekly, more during hot periods. 


Size: Twining vines 15-25 cm long. 


Zones: 4-9


Bloom-time: Late spring and early summer. 


Description:  A beautiful and fragrant vine, wisteria thrives in areas where they can be heavily supported. Looks beautiful espaliered. 


Varieties: Aunt Dee Kentucky, 

Trumpet Vine

Requirements: Full sun. Prune to shape. Water often. 


Size: 4.5-5 metres H


Zones: Hardy to zone 5. 


Bloom-time: August and September. 


Description: 2" tubular flowers attract lots of hummingbirds and pollinators. 


Varieties: N/A


Chocolate Vine

Requirements: Partial sun. Water often. 


Size: 3-6 metres H


Zones: Hardy to zone 5. 


Bloom-time: Spring


Description: Red purple flowers with slight chocolate fragrance in spring followed by fruiting. 


Varieties: N/A

Bittersweet Vine

Requirements: Full sun or shade. Tolerant of many different soil types. 


Size: 5-10 metres H


Zones: Hardy to zone 2




Description: Female plant has richly coloured yellow fruit that splits to show a red interior. Often used in dried arrangements. 


Varieties: N/A


Climbing Hydrangea

Requirements: Full sun. 


Size: 3-10 metres H


Zones: Hardy to zone 4. 


Bloom-time: White blooms from June-July. 


Description: One of the best vines for climbing or clinging to brick walls. 



Dutchman's Pipe

Requirements: Full sun to part shade. Needs plenty of water. 


Size: 8-10 metres H. 


Zones: Hardy to zones 8-10.


Bloom-time: Late spring - early summer. 


Description: Deer and rabbit resistan, Dutchman's pipe is heat-tolerant. 


Varieties: N/A

Thorndale (English) Ivy

Requirements: Full sun to full shade. Low water needs. 


Size: 15-20 feet H


Zones: 4-9


Bloom-time: N/A


Description: Also known as English ivy, it's usually known as a climbing vine, but it can also be used as a groundcover. Deep forest green leaves with a pronounced central lobe and creamy white vines are key features of this vigorous, fast-growing vine. 


Varieties: N/A


Silverlace Vine

Requirements: Full sun. Not picky about soil. Water until established. Drought tolerant. 


Size: 9-10 metres tall. 


Zones: Hardy to zone 5. 


Bloom-time: White blooms from June-September. 


Description: A very fast-growing vine with pretty white flowers. 



Porcelain Berry

Requirements: Full sun. Prefers rich, moist soil. 


Size: 8-10 metres H


Zones: Hardy to zone 5. 


Bloom-time: Fruits in September. 


Description: Fast growing vine noted for it's showy, amythest-purple to porcelain-blue fruit in September. Leaves are greenish-white tinged with pink when they emerge, becoming variegated with white with maturity. 


Varieties: N/A