Redbuds are another very popular shade tree. However, unlike maples or oaks redbuds have brilliant spring flowers and generally have yellow fall foliage. 


*Please note that the list is not current - it is a generalized list of our selection. Selection changes based on sales  and seasonal availability. If you're looking to request a specific variety, please call the store.*



Ace of Hearts Redbud

Requirements: Full sun to partial shade. 
Size: 15 ft W x 12 ft H
Zones: Hardy to zone 5. 
Bloom-time: Spring
Description: A distinctive dwarf redbud, perfect for small gardens. Clusters of sweet-pea like blooms arrive in spring, before the heart shaped leaves emerge. Dark green foliage forms a wide canopy that turns bright yellow in fall. 






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Eastern Redbud

Requirements: Full sun to part shade, rich well drained soil. 
Size: 8 m W x 10 m H 
Zones: Hardy to zone 5.
Bloom-time: May
Description: Vase shaped small tree, rose-pink pea like flowers in May, yellow fall colour. 

The Rising Sun Redbud

Requirements: Filtered sun, rich well-drained soil. 
Size: 2.5 m W x 3.5 m H
Zones: Hardy to zone 5. 
Bloom-time: Early May
Description: Apricot coloured leaves mature to orange gold, and yellow. Rose purple pea-like flowers in early May on bare branches. Yellow fall colour. 




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Hearts of Gold Redbud

Requirements: Filtered to full sun, well drained soil.
Size: 20-25 ft W x 20-25 ft H
Zones: Hardy to zone 5.
Bloom-time: N/A

Description: Upright, arching branches of golden-yellow,  heart-shaped leves dvelop on a round, open canopy. Light lavender-purple flowers bloom before new foliage emerges.

Ruby Falls Redbud

Requirements: Full sun, moist well-drained soil. 
Size: 10-12 ft W x 8-10 ft H
Zones: Hardy to zone 4. 
Bloom-time: Early Spring

Description: A lovely weeping form of redbud featuring purple flowers, that hug the bare branches in the early spring before the folaige emerges. Large, heart-shaped leaves are a beautiful purple colour and remain that colour throughout the growing season.