With long feathery flowers and flaming red foliage, sweetspire is a wonderful and colourful plant to add to your landscape. This native shrub is a dependable grower and is relatively easy to take care of. 


*Please note that the list is not current - it is a generalized list of our selection. Selection changes based on sales  and seasonal availability. If you're looking to request a specific variety, please call the store.*



Henry's Garnet Sweetspire

Requirements: Full sun  
Size: 4-6 ft W x 3-5 ft H
Zones: Hardy to zone 5. 
Bloom-time: Early Summer
Description: A compact, rounded shrub with large white flowers in early summer. Long lasting fall colour is a brilliant dark maroon with hints of pink and red. 

Little Henry Sweetspire

Requirements: Full sun to full shade. Moist, well-drained soil.    
Size: 1 m W x 1 m H
Zones: Hardy to zone 5. 
Bloom-time: June
Description: Fragrant white flower spikes in June, brilliant red-purple fall colour, prune after flowering.