Shrubs are woody, perennial plants that branches into several stems at the base. Shrubs are also smaller than trees and they are an important feature in any landscape. They can be used in decorative groups, as hedges, screens or background plantings contributing colour, fragrance, and utility. Shrubs can be pruned for shapeliness and to encourage more compact growth. Many shrubs retain some of their green foliage even in the winter contributing colour year round. Common shrubs seen in North America include Azalea, Barberry, Lilac, Viburnum, and many, many more. 


Check out our selection of flowering and non-flowering shrubs, listed below. If you're looking for a specific variety or information on a specific variety, click-through to see our list. 


*Please note that the list is not current - it is a generalized list of our selection. Selection changes based on sales  and seasonal availability. If you're looking to request a specific shrub, please call the store.*




Hydrangeas are flowering shrub known for their large, heavy blooms, a long blooming season, and a wide variety of colours and sizes.


Holland Park Garden Gallery has an unbeatable selection of hydrangeas that are sure to please even the pickiest of gardeners. 


Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bushes are bushes with long spikes of flowers that are known attractants of butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. The bloom in Spring and Summer, but their attractive leaves and shrub-like shape give year-round interest. Colourful and fragrant, they are a popular choice for anyone looking to install a pollinator garden. 



Barberry bushes are low-maintenance shrubs that often come in rich, bright colours. Often used as a hedge because of their uniform size and shape, they provide visual interest with rich colours that last all year round. 




Also known as elderberries, these lacy shrubs produce berries edible to both humans and birds, and are low maintenance. They make beautiful ornamental plants and love to be able to spread out.


Holland Park has a selection of high quality elders. Click through to learn more. 


Known for their bright colouring in the fall, interesting bark, and beautiful flowers, dogwoods are an excellent choice when designing your landscape (in fact, they are a popular subject in landscape paintings!).



Closely related to the Sumac, like it's cousin smokebush turn a brilliant red in the fall. When in full bloom, their feathery flowers are similar to a smoke effect, giving this bush it's name. It's a fiery addition to any garden, but well-drained soil and full sun is necessary.


Rose of Sharon


Also known as Hibiscus or Althea, this decidious shrubs is valued for it's big, beautiful, tropical blooms. With a relatively late blooming period, it brings a little bit of colour back to the garden when other flowers have finished blooming. It can also be heavily pruned so that it resembles a tree, with one main trunk. 



Cinquefoil, also known as potentilla, is a small shrub that is covered in large, colourful, buttercup-like flowers that bloom throughout summer. Popular in foundation groupings, potentilla makes an excellent and colourful addition to any garden. 




One of the forerunners of spring, lilacs are a favourite bush among gardeners. With bright colours and a heavy fragrance, this traditional shrub is deer resistant, attracts birds, butterflies, and bees and grows upright and compact. 



A shrub valued for it's compact size and it's use as both a specimen and border plant, weigela is  an excellent addition to any garden. This old fashioned bloomer produces prodigious amounts of blossoms in the spring and sporadically throughout the summer, which are adored by hummingbirds and bees. Relatively low maintenance, it is a hardy shrub that needs a regular amount of watering. 


Sumac is another showy shrub that is grown for its stunning fall foliage, though it also flowers and produces small red berries in well-known spikes. It's a hardy plant and tends to spread quickly. It prefers sun and can tolerate a variety of soils. Birds love the berries!





With long feathery flowers and flaming red foliage, sweetspire is a wonderful and colourful plant to add to your landscape. This native shrub is a dependable grower and is relatively easy to take care of. 


Spirea and False Spirea


Novice and experts alike delight in Spirea - it's a hardy, quick-growing plant that's easy to care for and puts out a prodigious amount of blossoms through the spring and summer.


Spirea prefers light shade or full sun. 



Known for it's brilliant foliage and unusual bark, ninebark is a deciduous shrub with attractive foliage, peeling bark, and clusters of small white flowers. They prefer slightly acidic soil. Established plants are relatively drought tolerant. 


The bell-shaped flowers of the pieris plant are pendulous, attractive blooms that last for a long time throughout the summer. They are valued for their bright red growth in spring, their white or coloured flowers in the summer, and their green buds throughout the winter.


Prefers shade and acidic soil - perfect for that dark corner of the garden!



Burning Bush

Extremely popular for it's blazing fall foliage, this deciduous shrub makes an excellent speciman for borders and hedges. Rich green leaves are displayed on mounds from spring to summer before turning a brilliant red in the fall.



Usually known as water-lovers, willow shrubs feature lance-shaped leaves that are among the first to appear in spring. Easy to grow, they'll grow quickly and provide shelter for wildlife.





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Considered one of the fore-runners of spring, forsythia is an old-fashioned shrub known for it's golden yellow flowers. Cut branches can also be forced indoors during winter. 


Also called a "snowball" bush because of it's large snowball-like blossoms, viburnum are a country staple though they also do well in urban settings. Deer resistant and an attractant for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, viburnum is powerfully fragrant and an excellent addition to anyone designing a "smelly" garden. 




Assorted Shrubs

Below is our list of shrubs where we only carry one or two varieties within that species, and because of our limited selection they are too small to qualify for a category of their own. Shrubs include: Currant, beauty bush, Chokecherry, Privet, Cranberry, Aralia, Fothergilla, Quince, Allspice, Summersweet, Honeysuck, Mockorange, Laurel, Hazel, Buttonbush, Deutzia, and Firethorn.