Perennial Ferns

Below is a generalized list of our fern selection. Ferns prefer moister, shadier areas. 


*Note - Please be aware that even though it is on our website, our selection is constantly changing due to seasonal availability and sales. This is a generalized list of our selection. We carry more items and varieties than listed. If you have any questions about availability or are looking for a specific variety, please don't hesitate to call our stores.*


Brilliance Autumn Fern

Requirements: Full shade. 


Size: 40 cm W x 50-60 cm H


Description: This lustrous, bright orange variety is an improved version of the "autumn" fern.

Dixie Wood Fern

Requirements: Part shade. 


Size: 1-2 ft W x 2-5 ft H


Description: Green broadleaf fronds, moderate growth rate. 

Ghost Fern

Requirements: Part sun to full shade.


Size: 18-24" W x 24-36" H


Description: Vigorous and easy to grow hybrid with upright form, with silvery-grey foliage so luminous they appear to grow. Ideal groudncover. 

Himalyan Maidenhair Fern

Requirements: Part sun to shade.


Size: 30-60 cm W x 20-30 cm H


Description: This selection has a delicate appearance, with black stems holding very small leaves of soft green. Forms a low, slow-growing, non-invasive patch. 

Japanese Painted Fern

Requirements: Partial sun to full shade. 


Size: 1-1.5 ft W x 1 ft H


Description: Silver green, purple red veins and stems, moderate growth rate, excellent groundcover. 

Jumbo Ostrich Fern

Requirements: Full shade.


Size: 1.5 m W x 1 m H


Description: Huge plume like fronds that are 50% larger than native species. 

Marsh Fern

Requirements: Full shade. 


Size: 50 cm W x 40 cm H


Description: A vigorous grower with beautiful, lush, bright green fronds that is popular for shaded rock gardens. 

Regal Red Japanese Painted

Requirements: Part shade.


Size: 60 cm W x 45 cm H


Description: The dark violet red fronds are contrasted by bright silver edges. The pinnules look twisted or ruffled. 

Tassel Fern

Requirements: Part sun to full shade.


Size: 45-60 cm W x 45-60 cm H


Description: Outstanding shade-loving semi-evergreen fern displaying lustrous, finely divided dark green fronds that arch out from a vase-shaped central crown. As the fronds unfurl, the flip backwards to form tassels. Tassels disappear as frond matures.