Perennial - Other

This particular grouping of perennials are perennials that don't neatly fit into any of the other categories. 


*Note - Please be aware that even though it is on our website, our selection is constantly changing due to seasonal availability and sales. This is a generalized list of our selection. We carry more items and varieties than listed. If you have any questions about availability or are looking for a specific variety, please don't hesitate to call our stores.*


Coral Bells

Requirements: Full sun to light shade, well-drained soil.


Size: Differs according to variety. 


Description: Multiple varieties available. Herbaceous evergreen perennial with airy flower spikes. Also called "alum root". 

Solomon's Seal

Requirements: Light shade to full shade, well-drained soil.


Size: 1-3 feet W x 1-2 ft H


Description: Also used as a medicinal herb, this elegant plant has dangling flowers and black seed pots that make for a striking appearance.