Broadleaf Evergreens

Broadleaf evergreens stay green all year, but differ from conifers in their foliage. They can add multi-season colour from both blooms and leaves. Azaleas and Rhododendrons produce spectacular blooms in the spring, while Holly produces bright coloured berries in the winter. Like conifers, broadleaf evergreens also like soil that is more acidic.



Related to rhododendrons, azaleas are a spring flowering shrub known for their brightly coloured flowers that last for several weeks. They are relatively easy to care for and add colour to any garden. 


Azaleas need acidic soil in order to thrive.  


Barberry bushes are low-maintenance shrubs that often come in rich, bright colours. Often used as a hedge because of their uniform size and shape, they provide visual interest with rich colours that last all year round. 


Boxwoods are a popular evergreen shrub that are primarily used in hedges and foundation plantings. They tend to be on the shorter, rounder side, and their bright dark green foliage makes them a welcome addition to most gardens. 


Cotoneaster is a drought and salt tolerant hardy shrub with a wide spread, glossy leaves, and red or purple berries throughout the fall and winter. It's extraordinarily easy to care for and a beautiful ornamental plant.


Delicate yet vibrant, euonymous is popular in gardens for it's often variegated look. A member of the burning bush family, it often has beautiful fall foliage that is a vibrant orange, red, or purple. It's brilliant colour and versatility make it a wonderful addition to a garden and an easy introduction to evergreens for the novice gardener.


Enkianthus can come in both evergreen and decidious varieties, but this shrub provides year-round interest. Delicate bell-like flowers are followed by o brilliantly coloured fall and winter foliage. 


Gingko Bilboa is the last remaing variety of a certain species that is now extinct and found in fossils dating back 270 years. Used both as food and in traditional medicine, this unique looking plants with cupped upright leaves is an exotic addition to rock gardens or as a specimen plant.


Known for it's bright red berries and spiky foliage, holly is a holiday favourite when it comes to decorating (and sugar cookie cutters!). This festive plant needs both a male and female plant in order to set fruit, so make sure to pick up one of each. 


Rhododendrons are another popular spring-blooming shrub that is known for it's brilliant colour and long-lasting flowers. It's a fairly low maintenance plant that is related to the azalea. Their large green leaves last through winter, but they need acidic soil in order to thrive. 


These attractive evergreen spikes let out flowers in the summer that top out at over 3 ft high. Extremely drought tolerant, yucca's thrive in areas that get very little water, and because of this they are excellent low-maintenance plants. It makes a striking feature in any garden.