Shade Annuals

Shade annuals are annuals that prefer shade, or less than four hours of sun per day. 


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Bounce Impatien

Requirements: Shade to Full Sun. Keep soil moist. 


Size: 45 cm W x 35-50 cm H


Description: Easy to grow and bounces back fast from dry conditions. Brilliant colours makes them a popular garden mainstay. 


Requirements: Part shade to shade. 


Size: 20-25 cm W x 16-20 cm H


Description: Heat tolerant, deadheading not necessary, long blooming. 


Requirements: Partial sun to shade. Fertile, well-draining soil. 


Size: Both dwarf and large sizes available. Varies according to species. 


Description: Coleus come in a variety of different colours and varigations. They look fantastic as bedding plants and in containers. 

Dragon Wing Begonia

Requirements: Partial to full shade. Keep soil moist. 


Size: 61 cm W x 20-28 cm H


Description: Unusual features highlight hanging baskets or gardens.


Requirements: Partial sun to full shade. Requires regular fertilizer. 


Size: Will grow to fit basket.


Description: Beautiful, exotic flowers in two-tone colours, fuchsia does best in hanging baskets. Can be over-wintered indoors. 



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Rex Begonia

Requirements: Partial shade to full shade. Do not overwater. 


Size: 24-50 cm H x 24-50 cm W


Description: Grown mostly for it's amazing foliage, rex begonias are stunners in the garden and in containers. 

Shade Impatien

Requirements: Shade. Keep soil moist. 


Size: 20 cm W x 20-25 cm H


Description: Easily the most popular shade annual, shade impatiens provide bright colours for shady areas. 

Spider Plant

Requirements: Part sun to shade. Allow soil to dry between waterings. 


Size: Will grow to fit environment. 


Description: A popular houseplant, spider-plants are known for how they reproduce. Small baby spider plants hang off of the adult - looking like spiders. 


Requirements: Part shade to shade. Keep well-watered. 


Size: 30-45 cm W x 15-25 cm H


Description: The perfect choice for bed or borders, containers, and beds. Excellent in combination plantings. 


Requirements: Part to full shade. Keep soil evenly moist. 


Size: 20 cm W x 25 cm T


Description: The perfect choice for bed or borders, containers, and beds. Excellent in combination plantings. 

Tuberous Begonia

Requirements: Sun to full shade. 


Size: 20-30 cm W x 25-50 cm H


Description: Provides an abandunce of brightly colored blooms all season long.