Partial Shade Annuals

Partial shade annuals are annuals that prefer to only have 4-6 hours of sun a day. There are a few annuals listed in our sun annuals that can tolerate partial shade, but theses annuals prefer partial shade. If you can't find what you are looking for on this page, please check the shade annuals page as many shade annuals can also take partial sun.


Note - Please be aware that even though it is on our website, our selection is constantly changing due to seasonal availability and sales. We also carry more items than listed. If you have any questions about availability, please don't hesitate to call our stores. 



Requirements: Partial sun. Fertile, well-draining soil. 


Size: Both dwarf and large sizes available. Varies according to species. 


Description: Coleus come in a variety of different colours and varigations. They look fantastic as bedding plants and in containers. 

Fibrous Begonia

Requirements: Partial Shade. 


Size: 15-30 cm W x 15-30 cm H


Description: Also known as wax begonias, they are often grown as bedding plants. Flower from May-October. 


Requirements: Partial sun.


Size: 30 cm W x 15 cm H


Description: Violet blue is the most popular colour, though other colours are available. Often used as a bedding plant. Look great alongside water gardens or as edging. 

New Guinea Impatiens

Requirements: Partial sun. Keep soil moist. 


Size: 1-2 ft W x 1-3 ft H


Description: New Guinea Impatiens thrive in light shade and come in a variety of colours. One of the most popular plants for the every-day gardener.