Fire Pots


Over the last few years, Fire Pots have literally and figuratively become the hottest patio item to own. Fire pots are an excellent way to continue an evening once the sun has begun to set  - a mini table-top campfire, they add atmosphere to any dinner party or barbecue while serving as a mosquito barrier.  

Handmade in many different sizes, shapes and colours, our Fire Pots make excellent gifts for any housewarming, birthday or graduation! 



Fire Pot Designs


Whether you are looking for a small, table top Fire Pot or a large freestanding one, we have them all! We even carry a collection featuring handmade glass designs and intricate ceramic and mosaic patterns. Match your Fire Pot to existing furniture and accents or use it to create a colour contrasting pop of pizzazz!





Each Fire Pot box includes your chosen Fire Pot with a metal insert for the fuel, and a metal snuffer. Instructions and warnings are on the outside of the box and each fuel container.

Fire Pot Fuel and Accessories

Alcohol- Based Fuel


Every Fire Pot needs its fuel and we sell that too! We carry 2 different types of alcohol-based fuel; Fire Gel and Citronella Fire Gel. These Fire Gels should be burned inside their original canisters, not poured or scooped into the Fire Pot metal insert. Also, new fuel should not be added to an existing canister, especially not while lit or warm. These fuel pots crackle like a real wood fire and should be used outdoors only. Each 13oz. canister will burn for 2.5 - 3 hours. 

Organica Fuel


Organica Biofire Safety Fuel is 100% bio-based and alcohol free. Being plant-based, this non-toxic, non-flammable fuel will only light with the media wick. There is no smoke from the flame and fewer emissions enter the environment than alcohol-based gels. Organica can also be burned inside. However, it should be within a well ventilated area.

Organica has a much higher flash point than alcohol-based gels. This means that, if you happen to pour Organica into a burning Fire Pot, the new fuel will not ignite right away. In fact, it will most likely douce your existing fire until it heats up again. It can also be easily extinguished by water. Optimum burn time is 2.5 hours with 8oz. of Organica when the media wick is on its third burn (full absorbency).



Along with the different fuel options, we also carry the 2 styles of Organica Media Wicks. One style is a single, round piece of media with the wick inside. The second style is a small roll of media with a wick wrapped in the middle. Each wick will last one season (approx. 3 months). However, the media roll will hold more fuel, thus burning for a longer period of time. 


1) Remove packaging and ensure wick extends 1/4" from top of media, also ensuring the remaining wick touches the bottom of the metal insert. 2) Position media wick 1/2" from top of insert. 3) Slowly pour Organica fuel over media, filling space to top of insert. Allow the media to absorb Organica then add more to ensure there is no space underneath the media. Do not fill over the media. 4) Light with long match. Keep covered when not in use. 


Place your Fire Pot on a stand for some added height and style. Make sure to place the stand on even ground before lighting the fuel. Our stands are for smaller Fire Pots and are sold separately.