Cutting Edge Grass Seed is an advanced seed that requires very little maintenance.  Cutting Edge requires virtually no cutting, virtually no watering, and virtually no fertilizing once established.

Cutting Edge is a blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and other top rated cultivars.  Since it is designed to grow to a dwarf height, Cutting Edge requires virtually no mowing.

Cutting Edge can grow roots up to 48 inches deep, compared to 3 - 4 inch roots in traditional grass, making it very drought tolerant.  Cutting Edge fills in quickly and thickly with virtually no need for fertilizer.  Fertilizing in the fall may be necessary to compensate for an absence of nutrients in the soil. 


Rhizome-enhanced cultivars are used to promote horizontal growth which helps to crowd out crab grass and weeds without the use of herbicides.  Cutting Edge Grass Seed also includes endophyte-enhanced seeds which helps to repel insects and improve overall stress tolerance. It is heat tolerant and salt resistant and can grow where other grasses are unable.

Cutting Edge is designed for both sun and shade and can be planted like any other cool season grass.  Cutting Edge is child, pet, and environment friendly.


Available exclusively at Holland Park Garden Gallery Burlington and Dundas.