Coco Planters & Liners 

Coconut liners are made from coconut husk fibre, also known as coco coir. This byproduct of the coconut business diverts waste from the landfill, and because it requires very little extra processing, is an eco-friendly and sustainable way to pretty up your hanging gardens! 


Not only does coco liner add a rustic feel to any garden and provides beautiful contrast against the wrought-iron holders they usually accompany, they also are excellent for hanging baskets. They're porous, so they allow for good drainage and aeration while still holding water well. They also contain a neutral ph and contain phosphorus and potassium, which contributes to the plant's overall health. Furthermore, once this bio-degradable product begins to break down, it's highly reccommended that you chop it up and mix it into your existing garden bed, where it will continue to break down and can be used for an effect similar to the use of peat moss. 


We carry a variety of different sizes and shapes of coco coir liners, as well as the metal baskets from Pacific Rim that are specially. We also carry both large and small rolls of coconut fibre so that you can make your own baskets.