Bird Supplies

Birding has become one of the most popular outdoor hobbies that can be done from the comfort of your own backyard! Holland Park Garden Gallery carries everything you need to enjoy these lovely winged-creatures in your yard. You'll find unique, name-brand feeders for every type of bird, from finches to blue jays, cardinals, woodpeckers, hummingbirds and more. As well, we stock all the accessories like hooks, squirrel-proofers, and a wide selection of different seeds and suet to ensure your feeding station is complete. Ask us about our unique refillable pail program that allows you to stock-up on quality seeds for all types of birds, all at great prices

We stock a complete line of attractive, unique and artisan-made bird houses to add to your garden décor.


When you're looking at setting up a bird feeder, there is a number of things that you should look at and invest in. First off, you should learn your local birds. Some popular species that frequent backyards in our area include northern cardinal, black-capped chickadee, mourning dove, house finch, blue jay, white breasted nuthatch, Baltimore oriole, downy woodpecker, and the chipping sparrow. Then, when you're familiar with what types of birds are in your area, you need to choose a bird feeder and your bird seed. Once you've assembled everything together, it's a simple matter of installation and maintenance. 


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