Shannon - Courtesy Desk & Cashier 

What is your horticultural background? How long have you worked for Holland Park? What is your position? What does your job entail?


I started working at Holland Park as a cashier five and a half years ago while I was in University. Prior to this, I had no previous horticultural experience, but in the past five years I've gained a lot of knowledge when it comes to plants and the industry. For the past year and a half I've worked full time at the courtesy desk as a cashier supervisor. My job involves training new cashiers, doing returns, issuing Grow for the Green vouchers, and assisting any customers with questions or concerns. I also help out at the wrap desk and do the signs for the weekly flyers. 


Can you think of an instance where you went above and beyond the call of duty? What happened?


An older woman with mobility issues came into the store looking for coco liners, but she wasn't sure what size she needed. She wanted to see the liners but they are in aisle 16, which for her was too far to walk. I offered to push her around in the store using the wheelchair we keep on hand and available to customers. By doing this, she was able to get the products in the store she needed. 


What drew you to this field, and what fuels your passion for providing excellent customer service?


I enjoy the environment - being outdoors surrounded by plants keeps me in a good mood. Helping customers and other staff members gives satisfaction that I did not experience in past jobs. Making a customers day when I am able to help them fuels my passion for providing excellent customer servce. I also hope that by providing excellent customer service, the customers will come back and shop again at Holland Park. 


What is your favourite season at Holland Park, and why?


My favourite season at Holland Park is the spring because this is when the planting season begins. I love seeing all the plants filling up our greenhouses and nursery areas. It's nice to see that customers are excited about how the temperature is going up and they can start working in their gardens. 


Why do you enjoy gardening and working with plants?


Gardening is very relaxing; it is also a great excuse to be outside enjoying the sunshine. I am not the most creative person in my daily life, but gardening and working with plants allows me to be. 


What is one tip for a new gardener you think is important? Why?


Don't be afraid to try new things and learn from your mistakes. I have overwatered a few of my succulents at home - now I have learned that I really need to limit the watering and my new succulents are doing great. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions. We have many knowledgable staff members at Holland Park that love giving gardeners advice from what plants to put in your specific area, to tips on how to care for your plants. Gaining knowledge and expereince is important and it will help you become a great gardener. 


What, to you, does excellent customer service mean?


Excellent customer service means going above and beyond your job description to ensure that the customer feels satisfied with your service and their overall experience at the store.