Gary - Floral Manager & Senior Designer

What is your horticultural background? How long have you worked for Holland Park? What is your position? What does your job entail?


My horticultural background only entails working on my grandparents farm growing up. At university, I managed to take a couple of lanscape design courses, but majored in fine art. I've worked for Holland Park for the last 10 years as the floral manager and senior designer. I design and sell bouquets, floral arrangements, and do in-home and in-business decorating. 


Can you think of an instance where you went above and beyond the call of duty? What happened?


Every day is a new venture into creating a new floral design that is inspiration and unique for our customers - so all days!


What drew you to this field, and what fuels your passion for providing excellent customer service?


Creativity! The change in seasons of our natural world, the smiles on peoples faces when they see their arrangement.


What is your favourite season at Holland Park, and why?


The holiday season! So many varied decorating projects both in store and out in clients' homes. 


Why do you enjoy gardening and working with plants?


It's calming and is an excellent creative release! 


What is one tip for a new gardener you think is important? Why?


Inpsiration! Always be on the look out for it - it gives you new ideas to make your own garden come to life and bring you pleasure. 


What, to you, does excellent customer service mean?


"Under Promise" and Always "Over Deliver!" It's fun.