Emma - Greenhouse Sales Manager

What is your horticultural background? How long have you worked for Holland Park? What is your position? What does your job entail?


This is my 3rd year of seasonal work, and my 1st year of being in a full-time position. I’m the greenhouse sales manager. My job essentially entails caring, loving, learning and teaching people all about plants. 


Can you think of an instance where you went above and beyond the call of duty? What happened?


I feel like this field is never just a “call to duty”, always passion. Having just started out, I haven’t done much I feel like is above and beyond – nothing different from anyone else who tries their best and wants to succeed in their field. I go home and start creating bobbles for our fairy gardens, craft plans for plants, communicate with growers, and problem solve for the next day.


What drew you to this field, and what fuels your passion for providing excellent customer service?


It is something I have grown up loving. I am in the garden whenever I possibly can be. I live to make people happy. Knowing in some way that I/you can bring joy into someone’s daily living is a beautiful gift.


What is your favourite season at Holland Park, and why?


There is never a bad season at Holland Park. Each season is unique to its own. Spring is full of budding life and sweet smells, summer is so vibrant and lush, fall is full of laughter and bright orange decorations, winter is musical and magical....however, spring bulb season will always be my absolute favourite.


Why do you enjoy gardening and working with plants?


Gardening is relaxing and fulfilling. When you’re with the plants your really start to notice  that no two plants are the same. They have ‘personalities’, which leads to an enjoyable day, even if not viewed as eventful. 


What is one tip for a new gardener you think is important? Why?


Do not expect anything of a living creature without nurturing and caring for it. No two root systems are the same. One will need a drink while the other is fine; the one will want less light and the other will be straining to get more light. Watch and nurture and learn with your plants for best results


What, to you, does excellent customer service mean?


A genuine love of what you do, to be eager to teach and explain your knowledge, staying efficient and keen to keep learning. Always have a smile on your face, and try to get one on the customers face as well. Take a little time at the end of the day to reflect and expand.