Aprile - Purchasing & Head Cashier


For fifty years of family-owned fun, Holland Park Garden Gallery has provided customers with an amazing selection of healthy and high quality plant material and an award-winning guest experience. Friendly staff members with hundreds of years of collective horticultural knowledge are there to guide you through your gardening experience, and they take providing excellent customer experience to heart. 
Each of our staff members have a unique sest of qualifications that makes them perfect for their position, and each of them have gone above and beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions in both their workplace and their community. Check out our bi-weekly interviews with staff members outlining their qualifications, their passion for customer service, and how they feel about horticulture and gardening. 


What is your horticultural background? How long have you worked for Holland Park? What is your position? What does your job entail?

I’m the head cashier and a buyer for the store. I supervise all aspects of cash and the front end area. I’m a buyer of patio furniture & accessories, as well as a buyer of boutique clothing & accessories. I’m also in charge of the hiring and scheduling of staff in those departments. I’m first aid qualified and the phone system curator. I’ve worked here at Holland Park for 23 years.    

Can you think of an instance where you went above and beyond the call of duty? What happened?

I helped Sears Mapleview decorate in spring and winter for a cancer fundraiser and participated by promoting HPGG to attendees.

What drew you to this field, and what fuels your passion for providing excellent customer service?

In all honesty, this field started as a fluke. I applied because I saw an ad for retail help, and have always enjoyed working in retail and service industries.

What is your favourite season at Holland Park, and why?

I love fall – the cooler temperatures and beautiful colours really appeal to me.

Why do you enjoy gardening and working with plants?

Gardening is my mental downtime - working with plants is calming, especially after a long day!

What is one tip for a new gardener you think is important? Why?

Gardening is trial and error – use experts for advice, but make sure to plant your garden to reflect yourself.

What, to you, does excellent customer service mean?

I want customers to leave the store fully satisfied with their shopping experience – getting a quality product and expert advice from friendly, helpful staff.