Painting Pumpkins & Decorating Gourds

One of the most traditional ways of decorating for fall is to use the bounty of the harvest to bring in the festivities! Gourds, pumpkins, corn stalks and sheafs of wheat are all traditionally used - and when Halloween comes, it's time to carve thoes pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns! However, not everyone likes the traditional look when it comes to their pumpkins, and others like to glam it up a little. In the past few years, painting your pumpkins and glittering up your gourds has become a huge trend. Whether it's painting your pumkin aqua to signal that you have allergen-free goodies at Halloween, or whether it's taking a hot glue gun to that unusual pumpkin you picked up here at Holland Park Garden Gallery, here are some ideas to get you started! 


Snack Inspired

If you're not feeling Jack-O-Lanterns this year, perhaps it's a good idea to them your Halloween pumpkin display around the one things the young'uns are most excited for this time of year - Candy! These sweet ideas will have those cavity-laden kids flocking to your front door. Keep your eyes on the prize, kids. 



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Sleek & Chic

If candy isn't your thing and you want to keep you front porch as sleek and sophesticated as you are, try some of these chic pumpkin designs that bring a little simple glamour to your front posh...I mean porch. 



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Playful & Crafty

If you feel like to make things a little more interesting, and want something that's playful but not too childish, designs like these are the way to go. Whip out your craft box and dig out your watercolour paints, your modgepodge, your fabric and your glue gun. Everyone on the street will know that you have a pinterest board to rival even the most DIY mom. 



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Pop Culture Pumpkins

If you want something that shows you're hip with the times (unlike most of us over the age of 16...), pop-culture inspired pumpkins are a great way to signal that you're not totally out of it yet (or if you are, that you can fumble with the best of them!), check out these funky pumpkins. Kids still use the word 'funky', right?!



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For The Kids

While pumpkin carving is a huge part of a kid's excitment for Halloween, it's no secret that exhausted moms everywhere don't exactly relish the idea of having to pick pumpkin seeds out of toddler hair at bathtime. Painting or paper crafts is a surefire way to make a kid-friendly or themed pumpkin without the mess or the exasperation. 



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